Who Should I contact about Unit requirements?

If you are currently a member of the SEC and earning units please email your coordinator. If not please email the co-chairs at seclead-group@ucsc.edu for additional information. 

What is the difference between 2-units and 5-units? 

To earn units, members are required to fulfill their requirements for the Environmental Studies department.

For SEC, 2-unit members work 6 hours per week and attend orientation, General Gatherings, quarterly retreats, mid-quarter check in and fulfill responsibilities specific to their campaign. 

5-unit members work 12 hours per week, attend orientation, weekly Steering meetings, General Gatherings, quarterly retreats, mid-quarter check in, final evaluations, and also create a Vision and Action Plan at the beginning of the quarter. 

What is Mid-quarter?

The SEC Mid-quarter is an event hosted by the Personnel coordinator, in week 5, to check in with SEC members and make sure that they are provided with the help and support of the organization as a whole.