Can you believe I went hiking in the snow.
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Chayla Fisher

Blue Print CUIP

Hello! I am a fourth year Environmental Studies major with a minor in Global Information and Social Enterprise Studies. My strong passion for the environment and social justice led me to the SEC during spring quarter of my freshman year and I fall more and more in love with the organization and the work we do each quarter! I am so excited to be this year's Blueprint CUIP, leading the way in creating our 2019-2020 Blueprint for a Sustainable Campus! In my free time I enjoy doing black and white film photography, which I love to incorporate into my media work with the SEC. I also love to bake, explore the outdoors, watch Netflix, eat food, and hang out with friends. I look forward to working more with the wonderful, dedicated students involved. 



Liane bauer

media and outreach Co-Chair

Passionate about acting upon necessary social change and interested in environmental justice and sustainability, I joined the SEC seeking opportunities to work toward a sustainable and just campus. As an intern, and now a a Co-Chair, I have used my position to educate myself and my peers. Further, I have used that knowledge to attend meetings armed with the real facts and to actively participate in conversations related to the housing crisis and to long range development on campus. I intend to strengthen my passion for and my knowledge of environmental justice and sustainability by continuing to work with the SEC on similarly oriented projects which target environmental issues directly impacting students.







Carmen was recently hired as the Sustainability Program Manager for the EnviroSlug organizations. As a student she was involved in the Student Environmental Center, worked as a Peer Advisor in different offices, and was part of the Student Organization Leadership Body. She graduated with a double major in Ecology & Evolution Biology and Environmental Studies. 







FISCAL Co-chair

Hi! I'm currently a third year majoring in Business Management Economics with an emphasis in marketing. I am a boba addict, koalas are my favorite animal, and I want to travel the world as much as possible! This is my first quarter with SEC and I've been loving it so much! I've met so many people, learned valuable life skills, and grown more as a person. It's so inspiring to see how much work this organization does every week and I really love seeing everyone put their plans into action. I hope that in the future, I am able to work with a company and convince them to become more green and environmentally friendly. 


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Brandon Truong

General Co-Chair

I am currently the Waste Prevention Coordinator for the Student Environmental Center. I hope to bring my experience as a student leader from the Alliance for Climate Education (ACE), and student government to collaborate with organizations on campus and work towards the university’s goal of zero waste by 2020. I also hope to encourage people to acknowledge and understand the waste that they produce in their everyday lives goes and further comprehend the complex systems that each product undergoes to decompose or be put back into the system. In my free time, I enjoy reading, adventuring outdoors, and cooking.


Madeline Mesa

Fiscal Co-Chair  

I'm a fourth year majoring in Environmental Studies and Economics. I joined SEC to participate in conversations at UCSC around sustainability and environmental justice. Working in the Fiscal side of SEC has shown me that I can work in positions that allow me to pursue multiple of my passions. As an added bonus, SEC and Enviroslug as a whole have become an important part of my UC experience, allowing me to create memories and opportunities that I wouldn't have had otherwise.


Maddy also recently finished her Senior Exit Project through SEC and we are proud to feature this critical resource. Access the resource by clicking the link below!

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Beckie Phanh

Personnel Co-chair

Hey Ya'll! I am a third year with a proposed Psychology major. I am currently working as SEC's Personnel Co-Chair, which has been amazing because it comprises of everything I love to do. I am very passionate about helping people and being able to support those who need it because without the support of many others I would not be where I am today. Outside of SEC, I volunteer with Rotaract at local community service events, work at Terry Freitas Cafe on campus, and I like to go on adventures! I look forward helping out and supporting all of you!




Ami Gonzalez

Green Building Co-chair

Hello! I am a third year Environmental Studies major with a minor in Japanese. I am also currently an EOP Bridge Mentor for first year students. I have a huge passion for the environment and art; for this reason, I'm hoping to go to grad school in Environmental Design/Architecture, then design eco-friendly buildings. I love meeting and interacting with students as well as promoting sustainable practices on campus. I love to laugh, paint rocks, go on adventures and cook Japanese curry! I hope to meet you soon!




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Angela harris


Angela is the staff advisor for the Student Environmental Center, Education for Sustainable Living Program, and Campus Sustainability Council. She brings her experience as a SOAR Advisor, as well as having been an Outreach and Development Manager for the non-profit Earth Care, to this role. She holds a degree in Environmental Studies and Biology from UCSC, and was active in the "Enviroslug" organizations as an undergraduate.  She offers strengths in shared leadership, environmental advocacy, organizational development, and fiscal management to further the student run, student led sustainability movement on our campus!