Rachel Carson College Garden (PAST CAMPAIGN)

      In 1995, a small group of students broke ground for the garden with assistance from Steve Gliessman, a professor of Environmental Studies and Agroecology. The next year, Gliessman began teaching a 1-unit course in the garden, focusing on the key concepts of organic agriculture including soil maintenance, food systems, and "learning by doing." While getting reconnected with more sustainable practices and basic gardening techniques, journals are kept to reflect on what was taught and what thoughts arise because of each lesson.
     A group of dedicated students from the Student Environmental Center began maintaining the garden and teaching the course in 2009 to preserve the health and integrity of this beautiful space and promote peer-facilitated education at UCSC. Measure 43, The Sustainable Food, Health and Wellness Initiative, administered by the Center for Agroecology & Sustainable Food Systems (CASFS) has awarded the Rachel Carson College Garden Project grants to help ensure its success as a model for student-run gardens on campus. In 2017, the SEC worked with FSWG to transfer ownership of the garden over to FSWG for resource purposes.


The one unit class itself gives priority to Rachel Carson College students, is offered Fall, Winter & Spring, typically holds anywhere from 15 to 20 students each quarter, and provides participants with hands-on experiential learning. All are welcome into the space at any time and community work hours are posted just outside the gate. To enroll in the course search for Rachel Carson College Garden Internship Course (CLEI 90) in the schedule of classes. 

*all are welcome!*

The Rachel Carson College Garden is located behind the Rachel Carson College Dining Hall, next to the the field and bridge to Family Student Housing. All are welcome! You can also bring your compost and dump it in the compost stalls - We love your veggie scraps!