As alternative transportation-minded students who bike wherever possible, sometimes bus it back, and walk in between, we try to live by example showing the simplicity and relative ease of using alternative transportation to support ourselves--to get to class, to work, do groceries, etc. We are also highly concerned students trying to take a more proactive approach addressing automobile use on campus, actively working on solutions for a more livable and pedestrian centered campus environment. 

        We have in the past worked closely with TAPS (Transportation and Parking Services), OPERS, Wellness--always striving to build more relationships with campus units and create a strong network with those in the university community. We always look for ways to collaborate and bring in more people to help us create a cleaner, healthier campus--we have volunteer opportunities, for-credit internships, and paid positions.

For those with a passion for alternative transportation and a vision for a cleaner, healthier community, plug in and share your ideas--we always welcome new people and perspectives. Please contact us!


on-going projects

  • Rock the Bike Generator is a project which aims to supply people-power to public functions through portable bike generators. These generators are powered solely by the energy of the person riding them and can be hooked up to sound systems, blenders, lightshows and other electronic devices. Please email to request to have the bike at your next event!
  • Bike Library is a lending program designed to increase bicycle ridership, safety, and awareness on the UC Santa Cruz campus and among students in the Santa Cruz community.  We are a bike share program created, designed, and directed by students. Our mission is to make bikes accessible to students, faculty, and staff of UCSC to promote transportation sustainability and self-sufficiency. We believe that financial limitations should not be a barrier and provide our services free of charge. You can also visit our separate site for more information--
  • Bicycle Street Skills: In the past, twice a quarter TAPS and the Student Environmental Center have hosted a 2 hour course to educate cyclists proper riding techniques to safely drive their bike negotiating potential hazards on the gritty streets of Santa Cruz. The event will be taught by a certified instructor from the American League of Cyclists, and is open the members of the UCSC community. Bike Safety classes are offered periodically on campus.
  • Bicycle Light and Helmet Giveaway: In coordination with TAPS, the Student Environmental Center helped host the Bike Safety Campaign which surveyed cyclists and provided members of the UCSC community with Helmets and Bicycle lights. TAPS still hosts Bicycle Light and Helmet Giveaways.

previous projects:

Formerly Under the Transportation Campaign:

  • The UCSC bike class, formally known as The Culture and Community of the Bicycle, is a student initiated and student directed project. The class is funded by student fees through the Campus Sustainability Council and builds bicycles for distribution by the Campus’s free Bike Library. The class was created in 2008 by a group of students who had a vision of an inclusive and growing biking community working for the improved health, safety, and sustainability of the UCSC campus and community. Now in its fourth year, the class has moved from its previous location at Oakes College to Stevenson College. The class is an integrative course geared towards inexperienced and beginner bikers. The class provides a thorough understanding of the culture behind the bicycle as well as an intimate knowledge of bicycle mechanics. Each student gains personal empowerment through the task of constructing a bicycle. An understanding of the history and philosophy of bicycling allows the students to explore the roles the bicycle plays in society and its connection to sustainability. With this knowledge, and through association with the Bike Library, students then have the opportunity to make real change by implementing projects in the community. Past projects have included a free on campus helmet giveaway, bike to work/school day booths, guerilla bike maintenance days around town, an alleycat race, an advocacy project in support of the King St. bike boulevard, and recycled bike part art projects. This year’s course will be taught by student class facilitators with extensive knowledge, experience, and interest in the culture and community of the bicycle with the support of various on and off campus organizations including, but not limited to Stevenson College, the Student Environmental Center, the Campus Sustainability Council, SOAR, Transportation and Parking Services, the bike Co-op, Ecology Action, People Power, the Bike Church, and many more.